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Thanks for visiting the D-Tools SIX Documentation Wiki (Diki). This site is intended to give you all of the information you need to implement and begin working in D-Tools SIX (SIX) - an Estimating, Design, and Project Management software to help you efficiently run your low-voltage System Integration company.


This site was built in "bite-size" sections to help you understand all the settings, functions, and features in SIX.

SIX Guide


There are four main tabs: Guide contents, Tutorials, Troubleshooting, Recent Changes.



The quickest way to find what you are looking for is the Search field located in the upper right-hand corner of the page:

You can also expand the tree along the left-hand side of the page to drill down to what you are looking for:

Each page also has a Table of Contents on the right-hand side for quick navigation:

Each page also displays a complete (clickable) path showing where you are in the SIX Guide:

FAQ & Troubleshooting

Each primary page in the SIX Guide has its own Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Troubleshooting pages to help you quickly find answers.

Hyperlinking and Tagging

Hyperlinks to related information are imbedded throughout the SIX Guide. It is recommended that you right-click hyperlinks and choose "Open Link in New Tab". Whoever invented tabs in browsers deserves a friggin' medal.

Pages are tagged to link "related" content, the Related section is at the bottom of each page:

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